Objectives of the course

Type of training
  • Daily courses
Duration of study
  • 1st year : 36 weeks
  • 2nd year : 32 weeks
Level of study
  • Diplôme d’accès aux études supérieures (access to higher education diploma)
Subjects taught
  • Languages
  • Mathmatics
  • Natural sciences
  • Human sciences
For whom ?
  • Learners having difficulties with languages taught in the Luxembourgish school system and wanting to access higher education
Who is this training for ?

As of the academic year 2021/2022, the ENAD is offering the DAES international, an English-speaking programme, for adults who have not been able to achieve the level of studies or the diploma necessary for continuing their studies at university.
The DAES is recognised as being a third official diploma besides the Luxembourgish secondary school leaving diplomas (classical and general studies); it provides access to labour market and higher education/university studies.

The day course is intended for learners who, in order to succeed in their studies, require regular monitoring of their learning and socio-educational supervision as is currently practised at ENAD.

What does this training consist of ?

For ease of access to universities and higher educational establishments, the course leading to the DAES covers the four areas of study defined in the organisation of the final cycle of study in secondary education. Each area of study is organised in modules. You will learn English, Business French, applied mathematics, biology, philosophy and arts.

To qualify for this programme, you will need sufficient language skills in English as well as in French. Applicants who submit verified language skills in English equivalent to the CEFR Level B 1.2 and in French equivalent to the CEFR Level B 1.1 will be given priority during selection process. Selection is based on the application documents and a personal interview of each potential student.

In this programme, each learner is in regular contact with a teacher-tutor who accompanies him/her in his/her personal and professional project. In the event of learning problems, the tutor offers specific remedial measures.

In daytime training, the teaching sessions are spread over five days of the week. The learner will have to attend classes regularly, an absence rate of more than 10% may lead to the termination of the training contract.

More information on generalities of the DAES (in French)

Admission requirements

Is this training suitable for you?

To be eligible to study for the DAES
applicant must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Being at least 20 years old on the 1st of September of the current school year or;
  • Providing proof of having worked for a minimum of 12 months or;
  • Having left initial training at least two years ago or;
  • Have been resident in Luxembourg for less than 18 months and not having attended the Luxembourgish school system.

For admission to preparatory class

The applicant must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Having successfully completed the fifth year of classic or general
    secondary education (3e of the Luxembourgish school system) ;
  • Having successfully completed the fifth year of technical secondary
    education (11e of the Luxembourgish school system) ;
  • Holding a DAP diploma (Vocational Aptitude Diploma) or a CATP
    (Technical and Vocational Training Certificate) ;
  • Having successfully completed the cycle of CLIJA including verified
    language skills in English and French ;
  • Having a Luxembourgish recognition of an equivalent diploma.

A candidate who wishes to be admitted to this course without having passed one of the above-mentioned classes must take the admission tests on the programme in French, English and mathematics.

In order to give applicants an idea of the requirements for preparatory class of the DAES – Diplôme d’Accès aux Etudes Supérieures, the admission tests in English, French and mathematics of the last few years are published on a special page.

For admission to final class

DAES international final class (to be offered for 2022/2023)

You do not meet the academic requirements?

For candidates who do not meet the above-mentioned academic requirements, admission tests (only for preparatory class) are organised. The admission tests take place on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 September 2021.

Admission tests of previous years