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L’ENAD and you

ENAD wants to encourage, in young adults :
– the greatest possible participation;
– taking responsibility for their own development;
– respect for their rhythm;
– the use of their experience and knowledge.
In this way, the adult will be able, throughout his or her development, to see his or her successes or failures and to know the causes as well as the means to take to continue to progress in his or her learning.
Engaging in a process of self-knowledge requires time and motivation at a time when speed, consumption and performance are more emphasised.
The fact remains that the integration of learning is largely linked to an individual’s perception of his or her image, needs, resources and limits.
It is also facilitated by the intuition of the intellectual, emotional and physical balance that can result.

The adult learner remains at the heart of his or her learning: he or she is both the subject and agent of his or her own development. The trainer simply accompanies them, especially in the context of tutoring, in the discovery of intrinsic factors, such as their needs, knowledge, experiences and values, which play a major role in the organisation of their lives. This adult will thus be brought to a better awareness of his or her own responsibility in terms of how to respond to his or her needs