From 19 April to 27 May 2022, ENAD will host the travelling exhibition Mateneen proposed by the Oeuvre Grand-Duchesse Charlotte on the subject of migration.

ENAD is hosting this exhibition to address the subject of migration in the classroom. For Luxembourg, a multicultural country par excellence, the theme of migration has always been a subject that concerns us all and that should also be dealt with in class.
Three photographers were selected to document this theme: Ann-Sophie Lindström, Patrick Galbats and Sébastien Cuvelier.

The main objective of the artists was not to show unbearable experiences, suffering and horror, but to show, far from preconceived ideas, what these people feel and think, their stories, their hopes. The result is a careful reading of these photographs, excerpts that show the experiences, our society and the differences on both sides, with the aim of broadening the horizons of everyone.

The idea is to enable learners to better understand the diversity present in our society, to acquire the necessary knowledge to form an opinion, to fight stereotypes and prejudices and thus promote better living together in schools.

This is why the exhibition is located in the common areas of the school to be permanently accessible as a reflection of Luxembourg society where men and women from here and elsewhere are also permanently mixed.

The exhibition is not only reserved for ENAD classes, but can be visited by other classes upon request. In order to be able to organise the visit of external classes, teachers interested in visiting the exhibition are requested to contact Mrs Elisabeth Trierweiler ( in advance.
On Tuesday 26 April, the Centre for Intercultural Education (IKL) will offer a training course on the pedagogical integration of the exhibition. (Information from Ms Trierweiler)