Important notice

From the start of the 2024/2025 academic year, ENAD will operate on additional sites: apart from the current site at the “Blumm” in Geesseknäppchen (17, rue Marguerite de Brabant, L-1252 Luxembourg), the school will also have facilities in Route d’Arlon (112, Route d’Arlon, L-1150 Rollingergrund-Belair-Nord). A third building is being developed in Esch-Belval. The distribution of classes across the various buildings is currently being planned and will be announced at a later date.

ENAD and you

Together towards the future

ENAD is for students who

  • were not successful in the regular school system.
  • were not able to finish school for various reasons.
  • would like to gain new competencies and skills in order to obtain an additional diploma.

ENAD offers new opportunities to its students and the possibility to obtain a recognised qualification. At the same time, the school also puts the focus on supporting its students with regard to their personal circumstances.

A lever for the future

A lever for the future

ENAD offers you new opportunities for success.  Enroll in one of our classes and put your future on a sound basis.

Qualifying courses and training

Qualifying courses and training

You will be taught by qualified teachers who will provide assistance with your individual learning progress.

Support throughout the course of study

Support throughout the course of study

Throughout your time at ENAD, you will receive support by our pedagogical and socio-pedagogical team.


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