“Europe cannot tolerate the social exclusion of young people”

For more than 25 years, European politicians have been fighting against young people dropping out of school and trying to help them obtain a diploma to reintegrate them into society. This principle is also one of the objectives of the White Paper “Teaching and learning – towards the learning society”, presented in the 1990s by Edith Cresson, European Commissioner and President of the Second Chance Schools Foundation (E2C).

Offering a second chance, also in Luxembourg

In May 2009, the Chamber of Deputies passed the law on the creation of a Second Chance School (E2C) in Luxembourg. Since March 2011, the E2C in Luxembourg aims to compensate for “unlearning” in languages and mathematics and to create a pre-professional framework.

Change of name and vocation

On 1 August 2018, the decision was taken to recognise the growing challenges of school reintegration for all adults and to give a more appropriate visibility to the School in Luxembourg and abroad by giving it the name of “National School for Adults”.