Promoting personal, social and professional development

Everyone can learn. Everyone can develop their knowledge or update it to better meet their own aspirations or the needs of the labour market. The fact that one has interrupted one’s studies or has not obtained the diploma one was looking for is not a reason to stop there. You can return to school at any time and open up new professional and social perspectives.

The National School for Adults (ENAD) is there to accompany you on this path. By enabling you to obtain a certificate or diploma, or by helping you to learn a trade, ENAD provides you with a passport for your personal, social and professional development.

Acquire, develop or update skills

If there is no age to decide to go back to school, there is no personal goal that cannot be achieved by developing your knowledge. ENAD adapts to each of its learners or students and offers a wide variety of training cycles. Whether it is a question of re-entering the initial training system, obtaining a secondary school diploma, acquiring the level of training required to enter other training courses or to access professional careers, ENAD does everything to give life to the concepts of lifelong learning.

Supervision and proximity

The diplomas awarded are identical to those of the high schools in Luxembourg. Their pedagogical model allows for a differentiated approach to each learner or student who is constantly supervised by a tutor, thus ensuring a very strong pedagogical link between him/her and the school. ENAD therefore offers individualised tutoring and pedagogical support for learners in the context of their personal, academic and professional projects.